Yes, there are these moments of despair when the flagmasters refuse their service 
because, for example: 

  • The rope is torn
  • A clamping system no longer tensioned
  • The Drehausleger does not move any more
  • The turntable squeals
  • The cantilever arm can not be found
  • The crank is no longer cranking
  • Which shows gear wear tracks
  • The toothed belt has no more teeth
  • The hoisting device is jammed
  • The counterweight weighs too little or is missing
  • The lead rings are damaged
  • A boom system is to be retrofitted
  • The old foundation crumbled
  • ...

We repair  all lengths and diametersall manufacturers types , on the floor, on the wall, on the roof. In our region or in your region: wherever your location is located.

From us you can also get the spare parts, if you want to make the repair yourself, in order to expand your experience.



We also advise you on the right repair or new investment. Completely from design to set-up, by mail or telephone - we are there for you.